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Dermoid Ovarian Cyst Removal Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the dangers of an ovarian cyst?
    Particularly an ovarian cyst around the size of the average man’s fist.

    What effects would one have on the body and the reproductive system?
    Risks in removal?

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Great question and perfect timing… I just went through this personally.
      My doctor found an ovarian cyst (called a dermoid) They are not cancerous. It was the size of a grapefruit.

      I had it removed immediately through laproscopic surgery. – Routine surgery – I was out cold and did not feel a thing. Recovery was about a week to 10 days. Pain was not bad after surgery – mostly just discomfort.

      We took it out immediately, as ovarian cysts have a tendency to twist around the ovary. They cut off the ovaries blood supply – killing the ovary and then the cyst bursts. When it bursts (it is EXTREMELY) painful and can spill over into pelvis area – sometimes rendering a female totally infertile.

      Unfortunately, I lost my right ovary as the cyst had taken it over entirely and it was too risky to try to cut out the cyst and save the ovary – so they took out the ovary, tube and cyst all together.

      The left ovary works just fine and will take over all fertility functions!

      Good Luck

    Have you or someone u know had a ovarian dermoid cyst? If so what r the symptoms? How fast did it grow?
    I was diagnosed with a 5mm dermoid.

    • ANSWER:
      A dermoid, or mature teratoma, is a benign type of ovarian tumor. Dermoids are common, constituting about one-third of all benign ovarian tumors. They are often found in young women. Dermoids rarely become cancerous. Cancer occurs in only 1-2 percent of cases, usually in women over 40.

      Dermoids often cause no symptoms and are noted as an enlargement of the ovary on a routine pelvic exam. However, they may twist on themselves and cause severe pain, and occasionally they rupture, producing peritonitis, or irritation of the abdominal and pelvic cavity. In order to prevent these complications, it’s best to remove dermoids when they are found. The surgery will involve removing the dermoid itself; unless it involves the entire ovary, the rest of the ovary is left behind. The surgeon may use either laparoscopy (surgery using miniature tools through tiny incisions) or an open approach, depending on the size and location of the dermoid as well as the surgeon’s skill.

      Removal of a dermoid should not affect your fertility

    Does fatigue affect the removal of an ovarian cyst?
    At the end of March 2007 I had to get surgery in order to remove an ovarian cyst attached to my left ovary. It was a dermoid cyst and was about the size of a baby’s head. After my follow up checkup with my surgeon he said I could go back to work after about 8 weeks. I’ve been feeling really fatigue and low energy since my surgery and I’m wondering if this is normal and how long it usually lasts. Also, will it affect my work at all?!?! Should I let my work know about it?!?!

    • ANSWER:
      you should see the Dr again ,as you should be feeling better and the fatigue shouldn’t be happening
    can stress be the reason for reccurence of ovarian dermoid?
    i am 29 years old and married since 2 years.i had a laproscopic surgery for the removal of bilateral ovarian dermoid one year back.now it has reccured in one ovary.last 2 years were very stressful for me.after surgery tension at home reached its height.now i want to know wheather stress can be the reason for the recurrence of dermoid?

    • ANSWER:
      Probably not. Some people say yes, but there’s no evidence that stress causes cysts. Some people are prone to them.
    Will the removal of my ovarian dermoid cyst make my weight or wasitline decrease?
    I’m having surgery to remove a 21cm x 11cm (8” x 5″) dermoid cyst on my right ovary. To me this seems like a fairly large sized piece of mass they will be removing and my question was whether this procedure was going to make my weight or more importantly my waistline smaller … I have a wedding dress which has already been fitted and was seeing if I needed to schedule another fitting.

    • ANSWER:
      Good lord, woman! I got a dermoid at the age of 13 and dropped to the floor after school one day, throwing up and moaning. I had to get a Stat surgery to remove it, and it was only 9 cm. How your ovary hasn’t burst is a miracle, and I wish you a good recovery!

      You will most definitely lose weight. Not only is it likely the equivalent of giving birth to a baby (that cyst is huge!), but the recovery from surgery will be stressful on your body, and you won’t be eating much while recovering. I remember returning to school and getting rumors about being anorexic.

      I would schedule another fitting about 2 months after surgery. That was about when I could walk like a normal person. Best of luck!


dermoid ovarian cyst removal surgery