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Paraovarian Cysts

Frequently Asked Questions

    Difference between a cyst and tumor on ultrasound?
    I was recently diagnosed with a paraovarian cyst on my right ovary. It is small, however, it is causing me pain, espicslly in my lower back. My concern is that this cyst was not there a year ago, when I had an ultrasound for my pregnancy. I’m very worried about cancer and am wondering how a radiologist can tell the difference between a cyst and a tumor? Help!

    • ANSWER:
      Cysts are fluid filled and appear black on ultrasound. They are very distinct findings, and easy to recognize. Conversely, anything solid (i.e., a tumor) would be cause for concern and they would want to remove it for biopsy.

      Cysts can show up totally randomly, and resolve just as quickly. If they specifically said it was a cyst, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If the pain persists, they may want to aspirate it.

    I am unable to conceive after fertility treatments & follicular studies shall i get my husband tested?
    Hi friends i had a misscarriage last year , as adviced by doctor to try after 5 months me any my husband are ttc from past 6 months but no success has been acheived…I am every month on folliculat studies so i know when i exactly ovulated, i have paraovarian cyst but it is outside the ovary. I have done my thyroid test but it was normal…..My husband has not yet gone through any test shall i get him tested…

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry about your troubles. Figuring out what the issue is before trying to concieve saves a lot of time and money.
      Some clinics or couples try to concieve first then fail, over and over again, and the clinic just takes their money with out trying to figure out what’s going on first.Its putting the horse before the cart.

      Having the hubby checked should be one of the first things. especially if your period comes regularly. It will eliminate wether or not he has issues.

      Have you had your blood drawn, then hormones levels checked at different times in your cycle? Like on cycle day 26?

      Like progesterone, antrogen, estrogen, LH ect.? Sometimes low hormones make conception possible but can’t sustain the egg after that if your hubbys swimmers are healthy, I’d look into hormone level testing.

    paraovarian cyst, Is it dangerous?
    I am 29 female,I had a vaginal sonography, it shows i had 17mm paraovarian cyst beside my right ovary, I am so worry , do you know anything about this case?

    • ANSWER:
      Only a problem if it gets big enough to cause pressure, pain, gets twisted or bleeds.
      A cyst outside the ovary doesn’t always require removal, your doctor will keep an eye on you and probably refer you to a gynaecologist for a further check.
    Paraovarian cyst need help?
    Hi imn 21 and have been having pains in my right side and not feeling well. I was sent for an ultrasound and found out i had a paraovarian cyst on the right side. What is it? How do you treat it? Any other info? Also my husband and i are meant to start seeing a fertility clinic on tuesday, is it still safe to go through the process and try for a baby?

    • ANSWER:
    Will removal of my paraovarian cyst help me conceive?
    I just got back from the fertility doctor and of course as soon as I left the place I have a million questions! We’ve been trying to conceive for a year and a half now with no luck. I’m 29 and my husband is 32. All the fertility tests were normal with both my husband and I (he had a semen analysis, I had bloodwork on days 3 and 10 and an ultrasound on day 10). My hormone levels all looked good and I’m ovulating regularly. The only thing the doctor found on the ultrasound was a cyst which he believes to be a paraovarian cyst. He said he could do a laparoscopy or we could go straight to IVF (but he recommended the laparoscopy). He said it may help, but I guess what I’m confused about is how would this be hindering my fertility, and what are the odds that this will help? If the laparoscopy doesn’t work is our only other option IVF? I just wish I knew exactly what was wrong and exactly how to fix it. But that is wishful thinking I guess… Anyone know about or have any experience with this?

    • ANSWER:


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